Saturday, 5 April 2008

Tate Brilliant

“And off we go again…”: Season 30, Adipose... Episode One.
Er, have they put some harsh, tasty beats under the sig tune or something? Not to worry - and not to worry too much about the plot, here, while we’re at it. The start of term is always about finding your feet and working out who you’re going to get on with, and I don’t care who knows it: I Like Donna.
And I say that as someone who didn’t like her in the Christmas special. Nor am I a Catherine Tate Show fan - it’s just not funny, right? But Tate’s clearly a fine actress, and surely nobody seriously expected Donna Noble to just shout for 13 weeks? She’s changed, the Doctor’s changed, and as Donna shifts between soupy stargazing and seen-it-before mild disappointment (“That’s one solution, hiding in a cupboard… I like it!”) it occurs to me she might be the perfect match for the quicksilver tenth Doc because she is, simply, a bit crackers.
And she doesn’t fancy him! Phew! Jury’s still out on the “I just want a mate/ You just want to mate!?” schtick, but the leads interact beautifully on the whole (and for the first few minutes don’t interract beautifully, too, missing each other by parsecs); the mimed meeting through the glass will rightly be replayed across the land tonight. Look at her face, yeah?
Loving Tennant, too: electric, cocky, cold, brooding, and a dab hand with a fire exit. How odd-yet-right that, just occasionally, The Oncoming Storm is found checking catflaps. That tells you as much about the real Doctor as does all the mythopoeic, grandstanding stuff.
It was a bit too loosely directed to be screwball, and a bit-too Sarah Jane Adventures story-wise to merit close examination (actually, that’s unfair to SJA; I’ll get back to you on that one). Was there a deeply-hidden message about too-busy parents undermining society? No, I didn’t think so. Old Whovians might want to suggest ‘It’s a bit like an inverted Terror of the Autons, with the troll-like invaders coming from our insides’, but they would be trying too hard. Sarah Lancashire: ace… but just two henchmen? Hmmmm…
But, hey, c’mon, what’s not to like? The EastEnders trailer that followed made we want to kill myself, and it makes Primeval look like a cheap ITV knock-off. Ahem.
And guess what? Just when you start thinking you might get over Martha, it’s Rose that casts a cold shadow over proceedings. Brilliant.
But Donna we like: roll on volcano day…


Jack said...

Tate brilliant? I have to disagree. As long as she keeps her mouth shut we'll get along just fine. Their mimed encounter was excellent and proved the point.

Tennant brilliant as usual. Glad to have the series back. 50 minutes of decent tv in a sea of dross.

Rose? What was that about????

Bill said...

"Partners in Crime" wasn't merely rubbish, is was meta-rubbish. To say it patronised the audience would be a gross understatment.

To undescore how wretched Russell T Davies's Doctor Who is, what a brilliant decision it was to broadcast 1964's "The Daleks" on BBC4 last night. It was simply better in every regard than the dross shown on BBC1 earlier in the evening.

igorstimac89 said...

Even when Who isn't very good by its own standards it is better than 99 per cent of everything else on the telly.

Thought the first episode was average at best, but I think next weeks episode (from the trailer) will see the series back on track. Who has always been patchy anyway.

Alexis said...

Well I liked it on the whole. Best thing on TV. Tennant has charisma in bucket loads and Tate will grow into it - at least she has some character. Loved the ending. Is Rose travelling too? She didn't look too happy. Ready for the trip to Rome...

Nik Hewitt said...

"Tate Brilliant"? Drugs in The Midlands must surely be in plentiful Mr. Watcher? "Tate Bobbo Performance Edited Around Cunningly so we Didn't have to Suffer Acting Like the Trailer" would be a preferable title perhaps?

Okay, it could have been worse. I didn't hate it, but it was no 'Human Nature'/'Blink' either. Thankfully, the plot wasn't as cringe-worthy as initially supposed (though it was touch and go). For me, going into this season with expectations lower than a snakes butt in a wagon rut was clearly the right thing to do.

Yes, the ending was schmotzy excrement. Yes, Donna should be hung, drawn and quartered. Yes, every solution involved a sonic screwdriver. The Rose thing just left me cold. At least there was the nice 'man alone/flying solo' moment when the Doc had nobody to explain the psudo-science/plot to and stood by himself (suitably moody wide shot) in the TARDIS control room.

For me, the new series is still on probation, as Mr. Watcher, are you. "Tate brilliant" indeed. Tsk ;-)